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Axvoice offers more than just the basic VoIP calling. Alternate Caller ID is one of those extra perks of signing up with us.

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AXvoice – No. 1 Choice of
Small Business owners

With Alternate Caller IDs from AXvoice Residential and Business VoIP, you wouldn't need to keep multiples lines of your business. So you save not only money but also the time required for setting up different phone lines. With AXvoice, it's a win-win for you and your company.

Its crystal-clear voice calling, low tariffs and amazing features like alternate caller ID is what makes it the top choice of small- to medium-scale business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get an alternate ID, you will need to have a virtual line for your AXvoice VoIP. If you already have one, you can select the alternate Caller ID by going to your AXvoice web account.

Alternate Caller ID requires an alternate number, which could either be your cell phone number or a virtual line from AXvoice. If you want to register your cell phone number as the alternate Caller ID, then you can contact our customer support agents and they will help through the process. Adding your cell phone number as your alternate Caller ID is free of cost, but virtual lines cost $3.99/month. You can contact our customer support if you need to to get a virtual line.

If you have a registered alternate number with AXvoice, this is what you need to do to enable the Alternate Caller ID: Sign into your AXvoice online account. On the web account's homepage, look for the “Features” tab and open it. On the proceeding “Features” page, look for the “Alternate Caller ID” feature under “Outbound Call features” and open it. When you are on the "Outbound Call Features" page, click on the checkbox (there's only one checkbox on the entire page) to enable the feature and select the alternate Caller ID number from the “Phone List” drop-down menu.

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