Enhanced Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to more than just another number when you sign up for Axvoice. Our Enhanced Call Forwarding includes:

Enhanced Call forwarding

Can’t take calls from your telephone number all the time? Send them to another landline, cell phone or voicemail, anytime you want for as many times. Call forwarding can save you the cost and trouble of expending resources on an additional telephone line. You can also revert back to directly answering calls using a VoIP telephone when you are in the office with an easy switch option.

call forwarding

Enhanced Call Forwarding
For An Enhanced VoIP calling

AXvoice offers an extensive and unparalleled call forwarding facility that gives you tons of options to always get to your VoIP calls from anywhere. Select between immediate call forwarding or schedule it for specific days and even hours.

All forwarded calls can be redirected to a predefined number. And if you can’t take calls at all, just enable voicemail; it’s that pretty simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

All of AXvoice VoIP business or residential packages include call forwarding for free. For the USA/Canada unlimited package, you get unlimited call forwarding; for USA/Canada 200, you get 200 minutes of call forwarding, while for Pay as You Go, all forwarded calls will be charged at 1.5c./min, which is the equivalent of making an outgoing call via AXvoice.

All the forwarded calls to your landline or mobile number will come with a Caller ID and number.

To enable call forwarding, go to the configuration page on your AXvoice online control panel and simply select your desired call forwarding feature.

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