View Call Logs

Convenience has a new name and its called Axvoice; that allows you to view your VoIP phone call logs using your online web account. No more annoying sifting on your VoIP phone.

View Call Logs

With AXvoice, you can view your VoIP phone call logs using your online web account. Simply sign into your AXvoice control panel and view call logs for all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls. With its tons of features and all of them for free, AXvoice is the best VoIP calling service for a reason.

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Never lose your call logs
with AXvoice

Do you despise the limited call log entries on your traditional landline? If you never want to lose a phone log ever again, then it's certainly time that you switch to AXvoice.

There are no limits on the number of call logs that can be saved on your AXvoice VoIP phone, so enjoy sifting through even years-old phone logs, if you have to, without paying any extra bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

To view incoming, outgoing and missed call logs, simply sign into your AXvoice web account using your credentials and you will be landed directly to the “Call Activity” page where you can find every phone log associated with your AXvoice VoIP phone.

You can filter call logs according to a specific month and year and whether they were incoming, outgoing or missed calls. Once you have filtered the call logs according to month and year, use the “Received Calls”, “Placed Calls” and “Missed Calls” tabs to filter the call logs accordingly.

More Reasons to Choose AXvoice

There are endless reasons to love AXvoice; we are just making sure that you know at least some of them.

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Make a switch; leave those accreted switchboards in the dust for good and get AXvoice VoIP today. Your refund rests with us if you aren’t satisfied!

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