Call Waiting with Caller ID

If you have an influx of business or personal calls, call waiting could save you the trouble of giving callbacks. Axvoice’s call waiting is better; it comes with caller ID.

Call Waiting with Caller ID

AXvoice's Call Waiting comes with Caller ID so you could easily know the second caller's name and number amidst a call. Call Waiting with Caller ID may seem like a basic feature but it's almost equivalent to having a second VoIP line.

call waiting with call ID

How does Call Waiting Work
with AXvoice?

With AXvoice Call Waiting, you hear a beep within a call whenever a second party calls you, notifying you of another incoming call. You can also easily switch between the two calls without disconnecting either of them.

AXvoice is intuitively brilliant and affordable so you could enjoy world-class voice calling on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call Waiting with Caller ID is a default feature so it's already enabled on your AXvoice VoIP plan.

AXvoice Call Waiting with Caller ID feature is included in every AXvoice Residential and Business VoIP Plan, free of charge.

Yes, you can see both the name and the number of the second caller.

You can simply switch to the second call by pressing the Flash or Hook button on your VoIP phone. To switch to the original call, press your Flash or Hook button again.

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