Multiple VoIP Codecs

Multiple codecs ensure precise speech transmission based on your internet bandwidth and hardware.

VoIP Codecs for every bandwidth

To deliver precise speech transmission to match your internet bandwidth and hardware, AXvoice offers multiple codes, ensuring you only get superior voice calling. With AXvoice, you get high-quality voice calling and that too with excellent bandwidth utilization thus saving your limited data bundles from exhausting too soon.


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AXvoice is reliable, affordable and flexible. With its option to choose from multiple codecs, you always have the choice to resort to a low-bandwidth codec when your internet plan is close to running out of data or you could switch to high-quality calling if you have an unlimited broadband connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a call is made over the internet using a Voice over IP (VoIP), the voice has to be encoded into digital packets so it could be transmitted electronically. For any call, the encoding and decoding take place simultaneously (encoding is used to send the digital data and decoding is used to receive the digital data from the other end). Codecs are used for compressing data so it could be transmitted faster, providing better VoIP calling experience.

Every AXvoice Residential or Business VoIP supports four different codecs: G.711u, G.711a, G.729 and GSM and each of them has contrasting encoding capabilities.

G.711u and G.711a: These codecs provide accurate transmission of speech and require very low processor requirements. For seamless and uninterrupted calling, you need at least a bandwidth of 128kpbs.

G.729: If you are looking for more accurate bandwidth utilization or if your internet speed is poor, you can switch to G.729 Codec.

GSM: Provides highest compression ratio. It's the same encoding that's being used in GSM cell phones.

The difference lies within the equipment being used. If you are living in the U.S., you are probably going to get the VoIP equipment that's compatible with G.711u. But for anywhere outside the U.S., you will be using the G.711a codec.

No, switching between codes is absolutely free on AXvoice.

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