Do Not Disturb

Don’t nag your meeting or a good night’s sleep; get Axvoice and make sure people only call you when you want them to.

Do Not Distrub

Have you ever got yourself in the painful situation of having to attend a phone call in the middle of the night? Or do you just leave it nagging your ears? Any kind of Interruption during sleep could break the sleep cycle, leaving your groggy and tired even after hours-long of sleep.

With AXvoice DND, all incoming calls will ring on your VoIP phone, but you won't be getting the notifications for them. If you are on a traditional landline, it's time that you switch to AXvoice VoIP and take full control of the incoming calls made to your Residential or Business phone.

do not disturb

What is AXvoice's
Do Not Disturb feature?

With AXvoice's Do Not Disturb (DND), you can ignore any incoming call on your VoIP line within a predefined time bracket and on predefined days. Not just that, you can also set the DND feature to auto-repeat on selected days so you won't have to do it yourself every night before going to sleep.

AXvoice isn't just affordable but also feature-packed so you only get the best out of your VoIP line.

Frequently Asked Questions

You don't have to pay extra for the Do Not Disturb feature as every AXvoice Residential or Business VoIP Plan comes with 30+ features including the Do Not Disturb (DNB) feature for free.

To enable AXvoice Do Not Disturb (DND), sign into your AXvoice web account and select the features tab from the top of your account's homepage. On the proceeding page, look for the “Do Not Disturb” tab under the “Incoming Call Features” and open it. On the Do Not Disturb page, click on the checkbox to enable the feature. You will also need to set the starting and ending time for when you would want the DND to automatically activate. Moreover, you will also need to pick the days during which you want the AXvoice DND feature to work. Once done, click on the “Update Settings” to save the changes.

If you have enabled voicemail on your AXvoice Residential or Business VoIP, then all the calls received in the DND mode will be directed to your voicemail.

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