Number porting lets you transfer your landline or mobile phone service from one service provider to another while keeping the same number. This is basically a new service offered by carriers that allows customers to shift providers if they aren't satisfied with their present one.

If you want or need to change providers for any reason at all Number Portability offers this option.

To change carriers and effect a phone number transfer, simply contact your new service provider, who will in turn forward your request to your current provider. Once your identifying information and port phone number are confirmed, your current provider must comply with your request. While there may be limitations to number porting based on geography, service area coverage, or technology, it is available in most cases.

The time it takes to complete the process varies from carrier to carrier because authorities have not set a time frame for its completion. If your former carrier is responsive, you shouldn't have to wait long. If they aren't responsive, you may have to forward your request many times before it is handled. Some carriers may also charge for porting your number.

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