You may have heard about Internet phone or VOIP phone service and wondered how to make a phone call using it. Can you handle the change easily? Will it be complicated, or too technical?

The beauty of this broadband technology is that as soon as it is set up, you use it just like any regular telephone you grew up with!

AXvoice VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) converts your voice into digital packets that are sent over the internet and then converted back to an ordinary analog signal when it reaches the telephone receiver on the other end.

From your point of view as the user, it works just like a conventional phone. The telephone rings and you pick it up and talk. Or you call someone, just as you usually would.

Even better, with AXvoice VOIP phone services you can get your broadband phone services bundled with all the extras you've grown used to, such as caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail.

The main advantage of using the Internet for VOIP phone calls is the big savings on your long distance phone bill. Because your broadband phone call travels over the Internet instead of over regular phone lines, there are no high extra charges tacked on to your call.

Learn more about our VoIP phone services, and start saving money now.

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