AXvoice Business Calling Plans

  • Secure and scalable
  • Cloud Phone System—perfect for small- and medium-sized businesses
  • No hardware required
  • 30+ features, including conference calling, Call forwarding, enhanced voicemail

Small Business Plan

$29.99 Per month

1500 minutes to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Online Account Management
  • 30+ Features
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Home Office (SOHO) Plan

$14.99 Per month

200 minutes to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

  • Caller ID With Name
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conference Calling
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AXvoice is your Budget VoIP Phone Service with 30+ Features

AXvoice VoIP service is designed for all those who love calling for hours without the fear of long phone bills. Our unlimited VoIP calling plans and VoIP services are best in class so you can enjoy unlimited calling and that too at an amazing price.

Caller ID With Name

Get name and number ID for incoming calls

Enhanced Voicemail

Manage your voicemail via email or the web

Call Forwarding

Redirect calls to pre-specified numbers

Simultaneous Ring

Incoming calls ring on three different numbers


Redirect VoIP calls during an ISP outage

Do Not Disturb

Reject calls when you don’t want to get them

Online Account Management

Manage your VoIP account via AXvoice Dashboard

View Logs

Get logs for incoming, outgoing and missed calls

AXvoice VoIP for Business – Multiple Business Call Plans, Amazing Features

Our Business VoIP Plans are affordable, yet full of features that are hard to match. Our tailored business VoIP services have been simplifying communications between businesses and customers from last one decade through advanced VoIP calling and excellent customer care.

Affordable Business VoIP Plans

Our best VoIP service for business start from as low as $14.99/month that makes us, in fact, the most affordable business VoIP service.

Anonymous Call Blocking

Keep your business hours free from the nuisance of anonymous and unwanted calls with AXvoice’s blacklist feature.

Flexible Business VoIP Plans

From monthly to yearly business VoIP plans, AXvoice is your business’s gateway to falling overheads.

Redirect unanswered calls

Never miss important business calls by redirecting unanswered calls to a pre-specified number.

Add Multiple business lines

Get virtual phone lines on your existing VoIP line without requiring any additional VoIP infrastructure or subscription plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no setup costs associated with AXvoice. The hardware is provided by us while the recurring costs will be dependent on the business call plan that you will choose.

Yes, we offer a 15-day money back guarantee with our VoIP business plans. To learn more about our refund policies, kindly review our Terms of Services.

All of our VoIP calling features are included in our package. We don’t charge extra for any of our services.

Traditional analog phone system offers limited or no features except for the basic calling; VoIP business phone providers, on the other hand, offer extensive features and more flexibility. For instance, with analog calling feature, if you relocate your business, the entire office needs to be completely wired, all over again, and this is just one of many downsides of the analog phone system.

Internet business phone service includes a plethora of features like call recording, auto attendant, voicemail, call redirecting, call blocking and much more. And if it comes to flexibility, there is no match to what a VoIP business calling plan can deliver. With VoIP business plans, you can stay connected with your clients over phone calls from anywhere. Not just that, VoIP is also extremely cost-effective. For instance, AXvoice is responsible for providing the VoIP phone system for your business, so you won’t need to purchase any hardware or equipment yourself. Moreover, there aren’t any maintenance costs either as it's the case with analog phone systems.

Yes, you can make calls to 45+ international destinations with our U.S. and Canada business plans.

Yes, we do offer E911 support and there aren't any additional charges associated.

No, you don’t have to give up your existing business landline number as AXvoice offers number porting facility which you can use to keep your existing landline number for our VoIP calling services.

There are two different types of VoIP for business. A hosted VoIP PBX simply provides PBX functions using the internet without the need for owning and operating your own IP PBX, as it’s the case with On Premise VoIP. The majority of small- and medium-sized businesses rely on hosted VoIP as it requires minimal financial capital and no in-house expertise. The services that an IP PBX deliver are provided over the internet by a third-party hosted BPX provider.

It’s easy getting started with our AXvoice hosted business VoIP. Our Cloud/ hosted VoIP only requires a high-speed internet connection and our enterprise phone features will be delivered to you as an online service.

Yes, we do offer hosted IP telephony for small and medium businesses. For more information, contact our customer support.

AXvoice offers the world’s most affordable VoIP business plans while providing high-quality VoIP calling and features that are hard to match. If you are looking for a solution to cut down on the phone bills for your business, AXvoice is an option that’s worth considering.

More Reasons to Choose AXvoice

There are endless reasons to love AXvoice; we are just making sure that you know at least some of them.

Crystal-Clear Voice Quality

Connect Any Way You Want

Take Your Phone Anywhere

Keep Your Current Number

Don’t Settle for Less When You Can Have AXvoice

Make a switch; leave those accreted switchboards in the dust for good and get AXvoice VoIP today. Your refund rests with us if you aren’t satisfied!

Thousands of Trusted

15 Day Money-Back

24/7 Live

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