Pay As You Go Residential Calling Plan

  • 1.5c/minute for outgoing calls
  • Free Incoming Calls
  • Free Equipment

Affordable Calling Plans

From one month to one year, prepay for your AXvoice USA/Canada 200 subscription and enjoy VoIP calling for as low as 5.99 per month.

One Month

$ 4.99Per Month

Calls to anywhere in the U.S. & Canada

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Pay As You Go Residential Calling Plan

Call Landlines and Mobiles


Across The U.S. And Canada

Getting Started

Axvoice is deliberately simple to set up and use, so you can start making calls with your new VoIP phone ASAP.


  • A high-speed internet connection (cable or DSL)
  • A spare Ethernet port (on your modem/router) to connect Axvoice Phone Adapter if you want to use the internet on your computer and Axvoice Internet Phone Service at the same time
  • A touchtone phone
  • A major US/Canada credit/debit card
  • Monthly Fee
  • One-Time Activation Fee
  • BYOD Activation (if applicable)
  • Hardware Cost
  • Shipping & Provisioning (if applicable)
  • Taxes
    as applicable
  • Emergency 911 Fee
  • Monthly Fee
  • Taxes
    as applicable
  • Emergency 911 Fee

Amazing Features for an Exhilarating Calling Experience

Not just our VoIP plans are affordable, but they are also packed high-quality voice calling and over 30+ features to ensure that you get a true value-for-money for your VoIP home phone.

Call Forwarding

You can redirect VoIP phone calls to your cell phone, unanswered calls to specific numbers (and that too in a pre-specified order) and even failed calls to any other number when your ISP is down.


Your incoming calls won’t fail, ever. Axvoice has the Failover feature that redirects your incoming calls to another number when your ISP is down.

Enhanced Voicemail

You can access your voicemails from any web browser or via registered email without the need to have a physical access to your VoIP phone.

Conference Calling

You can add more callers to an ongoing phone call with your Axvoice VoIP phone just at the press of a button. You can also disconnect with the second party without hanging up on the original one.

Do Not Disturb

For a blissful night’s sleep, turn on Do Not Disturb (DND) on Axvoice VoIP phone and relieve yourself of the painful phone ringer breaking into your sleep cycle.


You can block specific numbers from calling you and can add as many of those as you want using your Axvoice Dashboard.

Pricing or Features, Axvoice Leads the Race

Axvoice comes with three different residential VoIP plans so you can easily choose the right internet phone plan for your home.

Unlimited USA & Canada


per month

Unlimited USA & Canada


per month

Xfinity Unlimited


per month

Unlimited Nationwide


per month

Connect the Axvoice phone adapter to an internet device and start making crystal-clear calls in no time!

Enter your existing number below to check for its availability. If the number is available, you can port it to Axvoice VoIP.

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Download any softphone app on your smartphone and start using your Axvoice VoIP phone from anywhere.

  • Make calls on the go!
  • Works with any Calling Plan
  • Works on iPhone and Android
  • Free Download!
  • Save on International Calls
  • Easy setup

Axvoice is Better – Because Better Matters!

With our no hardware charges, cheapest calling plans and 30+ basic and advanced features, Axvoice is the best value-for-money residential broadband calling plan that you will ever get!

Most Affordable VoIP

We don’t just promise that we affordable – we are actually the most affordable VoIP company you will ever get in the U.S. and Canada. We offer high-quality calling just at a marginal price of what others are charging.

Anonymous call rejection

Don’t take the anonymous nuisance for granted. Protect your kids against stranger-danger using Axvoice to get all calls blocked from unknown numbers.

Flexible packages

From pay-per-minute to monthly and yearly packages, Axvoice delivers the most flexible VoIP packages to date, so you would never have to overspend.

Add multiple Lines

Free up your home line from work calls by ordering a new line using your online account; after all, two are always better than one!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three different Residential VoIP plans that you can choose from. The first is the Home Phone Service USA/Canada that includes unlimited outgoing and forwarded calls across the U.S. and Canada. This package costs $14.99 when you subscribe for a single month and 10.99/month when you prepay for 12 months. The second one is the USA/Canada 200 plan which includes 200 outgoing and call forwarding minutes. Once you have exhausted your free minutes, every outgoing or forwarded calls will be charged at 1.5c/minute.

If you have a very limited use of a home phone, then you can also go with the Pay as You Go plan that’s available for $4.99/month (calls charge extra at 1.5c/minute).

If you are already subscribed to some other internet phone service, you can use the Axvoice’s number portability service. Once you have ordered number porting, it could take 3-4 weeks for the process to complete. For that time, you will be using a temporary VoIP number assigned to you. After the porting is complete, you can also keep your temporary number as a secondary line. Moreover, you don’t need to contact your service provider to disconnect your service as it will be automatically disconnected when your number is successfully ported.

Axvoice offers free equipment and setup with every Axvoice home phone or business subscription. However, there are a few one-time costs that every new user may have to incur, like the shipping fee for the hardware and the taxes applicable to your state. If you already have an unlocked VoIP device, then you can easily configure it with Axvoice (no shipping charges in this case).

More Reasons to Choose AXvoice

There are endless reasons to love AXvoice; we are just making sure that you know at least some of them.

Crystal-Clear Voice Quality

Connect Any Way You Want

Take Your Phone Anywhere

Keep Your Current Number

Don’t Settle for Less When You Can Have AXvoice

Make a switch; leave those accreted switchboards in the dust for good and get AXvoice VoIP today. Your refund rests with us if you aren’t satisfied!

Thousands of Trusted

15 Day Money-Back

24/7 Live

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