This step by step guide will help you configure Acrobits Mobile VoIP softphone on your iPhone or Android.

  1. Download Acrboits application from iTunes or Android Market. Once installation is complete click "SIP Softphone" icon on your mobile home screen. The following screen should open.
  2. Now click "Generic SIP Account" and type in your SIP account credentials.

    Title: AXvoice
    Username: Your username
    Password: Your SIP password
    Display Name: Your Name

  3. Once done press "Save" and following screen should appear.
  4. Now press "Settings" and finally press "Done" to return to main screen of the softphone and you should see the following screen.
  5. You will see "AXvoice registering" in the top left corner of the app. Once the account successfully registers you will see a green button indicating successful registration of your AXvoice account.

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