How to know your ATA's current IP address?

Plug in your ATA for power. Connect your telephone set with the ata's Line 1 (or Line 2 if Line 1 is already in use with another provider):

  1. Now You need to enter the IVR menu of your ata. Press **** (4 times). You will hear 'Sipura configuration menu. Please enter option followed by the pound key or hangup to exit.'
  2. After hearing the message press '110#', IVR will announce the current ip address of adapter.
  3. Incase the ip address is you need to set the ip address of your adapter.
  4. To set the ip address of your ata press '111#' after pressing **** for main IVR menu. And then enter ip address using numbers on the keypad of your phone. Use a * (star) key when entering a decimal.
  5. Also set the Network Mask by dialing '121#'.
  6. Set the Default Gateway using '131#'.

How to configure the line settings?

Open the web browser on your computer and type the ip address of your adapter in the url. Go to voice settings and click on Line1. You should see a page similar to the screenshot below. Fill in the required fields as described.

SIP Settings:
SIP Port = 5060

Proxy and Registration:
Proxy =
Register Expires: 300

Subscriber Information:
Display Name: 'Your CallerID Name'
User ID: 'Your Username' Do not use your Phone number
Password: 'Your Password'
Auth ID: 'Your Username' Do not use your Phone number

If the registration state shows 'Not Registered' then wait for few seconds and then refresh the page, it will change the registration state to 'Registered'. If it still shows 'Not Registered' then you may have entered the credentials incorrectly. Go back to line1 settings and re-enter the credentials.

If the Registration state shows 'Failed' it means your sipura is not able to communicate with our server. Check the DHCP and DNS server settings in the 'Router' section of your sipura.

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