1. Login the admin panel of Free PBX. To be able to receive incoming calls from AXvoice server, you have to cerate an incoming route.
  2. To create an incoming route click on "Incoming Routes" link as shown below.
  3. On next screen give a meaningful description on the route under "Edit Incoming Route" section in the "Description" field.

    Select "Disabled" for the "Fax Extension" field under "Fax handling" section, as shown below:
  4. Scroll down to "Set Destination" section, select "Extensions" option from the radio buttons and select the extension you created previously when you were creating a SIP user. Call from AXvoice will be forwarded to this extension. Click on submit in the end to save changes, as shown below: Note: If you have purchased multiple DIDs from AXvoice and you want to route each DID to different local extension, then you have to create a local extension for every DID you purchased from AXvoice (See help for creating user). After creating the extensions you have to map that extension with incoming DID in STEP 3 & 4. In step 3 you have to enter your DID which you purchased from AXvoice in the "DID Number" field. In step 4 you have to select a local extension on which you want to forward the call to. Repeat step 3 and 4 for every DID.
  5. You have created an inbound route but it will not work until you tweak your trixbox server a little more. Do not make the changes permanent yet. Click on "General Settings" link as shown below:
  6. On next screen scroll down to the "Security Settings" section of the general settings. Set "Allow Anonymous SIP Calls?" option to "yes", and click submit changes, as shown below:
  7. After doing this click on the "Apply Configuration Changes" link on the top of the screen to make changes permanent: Now you should be able to receive incoming calls on your extension on trixbox server.

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