Billing and Payment

No, Currently we do not take any other form of payment. We are working on accepting paypal payments

We currently accept Visa, Master, American Express and Discover cards. Debit/check cards with the logo of one of these providers are also accepted.

Currently, we accept credit/debit cards with a U.S. or Canadian billing address as a form of payment.

Please contact for further assistance.

Please contact before your next billing cycle starts.

We collect applicable taxes.

If your automatic monthly credit card payment cannot be processed for any reason, we will notify you immediately by email. If payment is not received after ten days, your outbound calling service will be suspended for 10 days. If your payment is not received after 20 days, your service will be suspended entirely pending complete and full payment of any and all outstanding account charges. If after 30 days, your account balance has not been paid in full your account will be deactivated. You will be charged a $9.99 reactivation fee. After 60 days, the account will be terminated. If your account is terminated, you will have to re-subscribe to our service.

You can change your rate plan at no additional charges. To change your plan contact

General VoIP & Service

The VoIP (Voice Over IP) protocol allows you to make and receive phone calls through your high-speed Internet connection using a VoIP adapter and standard touch-tone phone. VoIP provides the same quality as a traditional phone service, and you get more features for less money.

Broadband access or high-speed Internet access are services that provide very fast internet access, sufficient to carry multiple data transmissions simultaneously. There are several types of broadband, or high-speed, connections including: Cable Modem DSL T-1

Axvoice phone service is responsible for the phone service only. As a customer, you must provide the Internet connection through your local ISP.

Yes, you should be able to work on your computer, surf the web, make and receive VoIP calls all at the same time. Please Note: a. To do the above you will need a router. Some VoIP devices act as routers while some do not. Please consult the user guide for your device to see if your VoIP device has this functionality. ? Call quality may be affected by large file transfers on your home network such as movies, downloading CD images, etc.

Yes, existing traditional phone(s) can be used with VoIP service but, will require a VoIP adapter. If you currently have multiple phones utilizing the same number you must either use a cordless phone system or consult a licensed electrician to distribute the VoIP signal distributed throughout all your wall jacks in your house.

Yes, in most cases your phone number can be ported to your VoIP service (porting means to transfer your number from one Telephone Company to another). After you have used the service and are satisfied, please contact your VoIP service provider to have your number ported. Please Note: It is very important that you test your VoIP service and are satisfied, prior to porting your phone number. Do not cancel your current phone service prior to porting your number. This will result in loss of your phone number, which will make it impossible to port your phone number.

We support 7, 10 and 11 digit dialing so you can call within same area code directly. For out of area calls you have to dial the area code and then the number. Dialing 1 is not mandatory however it is also accepted.

Yes, you may order as many numbers as you like from our available area codes. You can order numbers by clicking on the link titled ``my account`` on your web interface page and follow the easy instructions. Please Note: There may be an additional charge for each number you add to your account. Please check with billing department at before proceeding. If you would like to make outbound calls on additional lines at the same time you must order a second account. This may require you to order an additional VoIP device unless you have a device which can support multiple lines. Please contact to find out what you need to do to set up a multiple VoIP account.

In certain locations we are able to provide E911. This service will provide emergency personnel with your location information when they receive your phone call. In some locations we are not yet able to provide 911. Please consult to see if 911 is available in your area. If you are moving or you take your VoIP device away from the service address that you originally registered with us, you MUST provide us with your new service address location so we can update the Public Safety Answering Point, in order to correctly route 911 calls (provided 911 is available at your new location).

To add most advanced features, please contact

Yes. You can use Axvoice anywhere there`s a high-speed Internet connection. Just be sure to bring your phone adaptor with you.

There is none, if you use your own Phone Adapter or buy the Adapter from us. You can sign up for any period of time. If you chose to get a free adapter and want to cancel your Axvoice Voice over IP service after the 30 day money back guarantee period and before the end of 1 year, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $49.99.

Internet & Local Network

You will need an Internet connection via cable modem, DSL, or other high speed dedicated connection that can provide you with at least 128 Kbps upstream and downstream. If you are unaware of your Internet speed, check your Internet service agreement or contact your Internet Service Provider. You can also test your Internet connection speed at VoIP service should work with any connectivity that meets the above requirements. Please Note: Some DSL users may experience difficulties even with one VoIP device, as their upstream bandwidth is a fraction of the speed of their downstream bandwidth. When using multiple VoIP devices simultaneously this will take up more bandwidth. VoIP service is not supported using dial-up Internet access at this time. VoIP over dial-up may be available in the future. VoIP service is dependent on a broadband Internet connection and household power. Please note that if you lose household power you will lose your VoIP service, unless properly backed up by another power source.

Axvoice is not recommended for dial-up Internet connections, due to the slow speed of dial-up modems. To use the Axvoice service you must have a Broadband or high-speed Internet service.

No, you do not need a static IP address to use this telephone service. The Sipura adapters and VoIP Phones we provide work in a dynamic address (DHCP) environment, which is standard with most routers.

Axvoice supports G711u & G.729 codec. By default your account is enabled for G.711u. To have G.729 configured please contact

The VoIP phone service uses several OUTBOUND UDP connections utilizing Ports 5004-5065 If you have questions regarding the compatibility of your router with your new VoIP service you should contact the router manufacturer directly or the Broadband Internet Service Provider Company.

Most likely the VoIP device you received is not registered with your Cable Company or DSL Provider

If your VoIP device acts as a router you should call your Cable Provider and explain to them, ``I have a new router that I want to connect to my cable modem. Can you please clear the cable modem so it can recognize the new MAC address of my router?``

Please ensure that your device is configured with your PPPOE settings if your provider requires this. Your PPPOE settings are the username/password combination assigned to you by your DSL provider. If you do not know this information please contact your DSL provider to get this information before calling into VoIP tech support for additional help. If you need assistance in putting these into your VoIP device, please contact tech support at

Begin by checking all network connections and make sure that you have internet connectivity. Turn off all the network devices by unplugging the power cord and then turn them on beginning with the modem first, wait a minute, then router (if you have one), wait a minute, and then finally the ATA. If after rebooting you are still experiencing problems connecting to the VoIP network, please contact tech support at

Echo may stem from poor quality telephone cables. Check the telephone and phone cables and replace if found to be the problem. If this does not fix the problem please suggest to the person you`re calling to lower their phone volume.

Static only occurs on the analog side of the phone system (the telephone itself and the telephone cables). Once the signal is sent through the VoIP device it is digitized eliminating any possibility for static. It is also very likely the person you are calling is on an analog connection. Their connection could also be causing the static.

Dropped calls can be associated with loss of Internet connectivity. Specifically, high latency and packet loss can affect the quality of your call. High latency is the result of it taking too long for the data to be transmitted over your Internet connection, while packet loss occurs when SIP packets are dropped over your connection. While most computer programs can run simultaneously with your VoIP service without any degradation in quality, programs such as music sharing take up a lot of bandwidth and may result in poor audio quality. To rule out this problem, unplug everything but your ATA from your router and make some calls to assess the quality. If the quality is much better consider not using those programs while using the VoIP device.


You can change your Voicemail preferences online or over the VoIP device. Please refer to the user guide included with your equipment

You can retrieve messages online or over the VoIP device by dialing 9000 and then follow the voice prompts. Your default voicemail password is 1234.

You will receive email notification of a new Voicemail. This email will include an attached .wav file with the Voicemail message so you can listen to it on your PC. Please make sure your speakers are on and are set at an audible level.

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