USA/Canada Unlimited Calls

There are many reasons of choosing AXvoice internet phone service but we would like to highlight some of our distinctive features which you won’t find any where else but here:

  • All the plans have free incoming calls
  • Residential USA/Canada plan has free calls to US/Canada
  • Residential International plan has free calls to US/Canada and 40 countries
  • Residential International plus plan has free calls to US/Canada and 50 countries
  • Users can make free calls to other AXvoice customers
  • You will not have to wait in long queue
  • Number porting
  • Virtual number

These are some of our distinctive customer convenient services which make us say that we are taking care of you and fulfilling your desire by providing the best service. By using our voip service you can save up your money. So all you need to do is just check the plans that are available on our website and subscribe to our Voip Phone Service.

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