One distinctive VoIP feature is voicemail, which provides a voicemail number and the ability to manage your telephone messages. Similar in function to an answering machine, voicemail is far more sophisticated, giving you the ability to:

  • Forward voicemail to email as an audio attachment. You may also choose to receive online voicemail notifications via email.
  • Set up mailboxes to record your voicemail greetings.
  • Store your voice messages, play them back, and delete inbound messages.
  • Add a voice introduction to a forwarded message
  • Forward voice messages to another voice mailbox.

Because voicemail is such a standard part of everyone's life, all VoIP services provide it.

To see the complete list of VoIP features AXvoice provides, visit our features page.

  • Logging in at to see how to activate your voicemail service.
  • Getting a code to retrieve your old and new voicemails.
  • Selecting a password that makes your voice mails secure.

If you want to have access to your voicemail messages via email, go to our website, login to you account, and click the voicemail tab to set it up as well as listen to your voicemail messages directly from your web account.

You can also register to receive email alerts every time you get a voice mail.

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