Does VoIP Broadband Phone Service sound new to you? The term broadband describes any type of high-speed Internet access.

Broadband provides many extended features not available with a traditional dial-up phone line Internet connection. By using broadband:

  • You get high-speed Internet access.
  • You can stay connected 24/7.
  • You won't tie up your phone line.
  • You can connect (network) more than one computer.
  • You have access to a much wider array of applications than with the traditional dial-up Internet connection.

Broadband is the only requirement for using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol also known as VoIP Broadband Phone Service). Broadband phone service uses your high-speed Internet service to carry your phone calls, instead of using conventional phone lines. People throughout the U.S., Canada, and around the world are adopting VoIP and leaving behind the traditional wired phone service.

There are two types of broadband service: DSL, and Cable Internet. Both provide high-speed Internet access and are suitable for VoIP. You don't need to buy any special equipment; all you need is a DSL modem or cable modem, which is provided by your VoIP service provider.

VoIP Broadband Phone Service is now so popular that many service providers are competing in this extremely in-demand market. Among broadband phone service providers, AXvoice is known for our superior quality.

There are many reasons to choose AXvoice Broadband Phone Service. These are only some of our distinctive features:

  • Unlimited calls to more than 45 different countries
  • Free calls to the U.S. and Canada
  • Softphone support
  • You can call 911 from your VoIP phone
  • Toll-free 800 numbers
  • You will not have to wait in a long queue for customer service
  • Number porting
  • Virtual number

AXvoice provides you with a high quality VoIP Broadband Phone Service at the lowest cost! Check out the Internet Phone plans that are available on our website. Signing up is quick and simple.

Calling your friends and loved ones around the globe has never been so easy. You can talk for as long as you like, with sound quality and a price you will love.

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