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Unlike traditional analog telephone signals, which travel through a public switched telephone network (PSTN), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), digitizes the speaker's voice, sends the digital signal through the Internet, and converts it back to analog on the receiving end.

More and more people are moving from traditional PSTN phones to VoIP phone systems, and they have come to expect the greater range of features that VoIP services offer, often at no extra cost.

VoIP lowers your phone bill substantially and, if you choose, lets you do away with traditional wired phone service completely!

As more people switch to VoIP service, there are challenges to be addressed such as long queues for customer support, hidden taxes, and offers that appear to be, and are, too good to be true. Vonage is the best known VoIP provider, for example, with a 50 percent market share, but reviews indicate that its service, voice quality, and reliability could be greatly improved.

In addressing these VoIP challenges, AXvoice has earned its reputation supported by VoIP service reviews as a solid and trusted name in the telecommunications industry.

AXvoice VoIP services:

  • Cost less than those offered by other VoIP providers
  • Provide superior quality and reliability
  • Offer a rich array of features, including: call logs, voicemail, speed dialing, three-way calling, virtual numbers, and much, much more!

AXvoice offers premium VoIP service at the lowest cost, absolutely no hidden fees or taxes, and excellent customer service. So just click to get started with your subscription!

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