What's Included:

  • AXvoice Broadband Phone Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • AC Power Adapter

Equipment you will need:

  • Broadband connection (DSL, cable or other high-speed Internet connection)
  • Router (If you want to share your internet connection with computer(s) in your house)
  • Touchtone Phone


  • Remove the AXvoice Phone adapter from the shipping box you received.
  • Turn off the power of all devices including your cable/DSL modem and router.
  • Insert one end of Ethernet cable into the LAN port of the adapter.      
  • Connect other end of the Ethernet cable to your DSL/cable Modem.
    Note : If you have a Router and DHCP enabled on it, you should connect the Ethernet cable to its LAN port.
  • Insert the telephone cable into the phone port of the AXvoice Telephone Adapter.
  • Connect other end of the telephone cable to any touchtone traditional telephone.
  • Connect the AC power adapter to the AXvoice Telephone Adapter.
  • Turn on the power of your cable/DSL and approximately after 1 min turn on AXvoice Phone Adapter.
  • The green STATUS Light will blink for up to 1 minute. Once the light stops blinking, you are ready to start making calls.

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